Open Space

‘Open Space’ is a framework for co-creating events that allows for the rich diversity of knowledge and experience within our community to be shared. Rather than the entire Hui being rigidly organised from the get-go, this Hui will be anchored around some feature events while the rest of our time together will be filled with the diverse offerings of people like YOU!

On Friday morning, David Hursthouse and Jo Pearsall will facilitate the Open Space Marketplace. This is an opportunity to put forward a talk, presentation, activity or experience that you are interested in facilitating.  This is also an opportunity to request a session around a particular topic, in the hope that someone within the community will step up to present on it. Or it could be making a space to visit the beach with others, or go for a coffee- you could always share a topic of conversation, while doing either of these activities!

Throughout the Marketplace experience people will have the opportunity to register their interest for the offered experiences, and over the course of the morning, we will collaboratively create the Open Space Programme for the following days. Multiple sessions will be held at any one time, offering Hui participants a smorgasbord of juicy and interesting learning opportunities facilitated by their talented peers.

You are invited to begin thinking about experiences you may wish to offer during Open Space. This is both a wonderful opportunity to share your wisdom, and a safe space to develop yourself as a speaker, practitioner, educator and facilitator – so don’t hold back!

Passionate about something? Offer it! Experienced in a certain field? Offer it! Feeling a need within the community? Offer it!


Pre Hui Open Space Marketplace

As suggested at the previous Hui we have included this page so people can add suggestions of what they want to participate in or bring to the Hui. Questions, discussions, themes to explore…

These are only suggestions to get our juices flowing and will only be brought to the floor by those at the Hui. If you have an interest in any of these suggestions please let us know. If you want to add to this list please send an email and we will add it to the suggested list.

Louise – How do people use weeds in succession?

Louise – Bucket composting toilet patterns -moving towards an open sourced, collaborative resource for getting consent easily.

Rachel– discussions on real change in local food systems, understanding the global economy and shifting it to a local one in a realistic way, how to actually finance change and the people making it.

Dave Hursthouse – Tackling Permaculture’s Weak Links – break-out groups exploring the challenges and future opportunities around specific weak links

Setha Davenport: SEED SWAP: Bring seeds, take seeds, talk seeds, share about interesting seed issues and generally get seedy! I will be bringing  a few seeds of interest and talking about a few new things that have come to my attention this year: Land race seeds, new GMO technologies to be aware of, and anything anyone else wants to talk about.

Rongomai Bailey : I’m keen to give a workshop on the many uses of bamboo. I’ve been researching use in construction, craft, natural building and biochar. I’ve got thousands of photos and some video. I can easily do a presentation for 30-45 min.

Trish Waugh: Herbal Ointment making, bring a small jar to take some home. 

Robina McCurdy – Robina plans to host one (or two depending on response) 90 minute Open Space session of 5 ‘overview’ presentations @ 15 minutes each (+ 15 mins ‘common learnings’ wrapup), of established projects, on the theme of ‘Permaculture & Community Building’. Please make contact if you are engaged in a project which has made a significant impact locally and/or nationally, and come prepared with visual material. Email:

Dave Hursthouse – Permaculturing Permaculture – exploring authenticity – do we practice what we preach in all fields? Using Permaculture principles to design education initiatives, national gatherings, PINZ, our lives…

Dave Hursthouse – is the PDC ‘curriculum’ boring and outdated??

Jo and Bryan – scything and/or peening

Bryan – economics for a good life

Niva– Eco- anxiety in the wold outside the permaculture bubble. Let’s share how we deal with it

Julia Sich – Edible weeds

Clare Wimmer – Would land use and climate change information technology with access to the latest big data within NZ be useful for designers and educators? CLIMsystems would be keen to explore partnerships with change makers in this arena.
Rongomai Bailey – Bamboo


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