It’s better when we are together so we have endeavored to make this a child friendly event.

Children’s prices are for people aged 1-18 years and/or still a dependent. (This fits with venue definitions). No charge for 2 year-olds and under if they do not need their own bed. If they need a bed its $70!

There are multiple sleeping options on site,  great family prices, we are setting up a special children’s lounge with books, drawing stations and some great activities and have set a big lunch hour for outings and connection times.

All presentations and open space session times have a children’s facilitator available for children aged 4+. For children under 4 years old parent or supervisor (14 years or older) will have to be present.

Meet the facilitator.

Mela Herbert from Taupo. Will be doing some lovely creative things with the kids and providing a safe environment for all kinds of activities.

“I moved from Germany to Taupō with my family in back in 1999. A mum of 2 now grown up children and a graphic designer by trade, I have been supporting local projects I feel passionate about for my quest for sustainable living in Taupō. It started with a local food coop, the Ecoshow and also been one of the founding members of the Taupo Community Garden in 2009, being an active Green Party Member since 2006 and Boomerang Bags Taupō and passionate about waste minimisation.
I am looking forward to have a chance to take part at the NZ Permaculture Hui for the first time and providing a activities for the children!

Activities I have in mind at the moment are:

– bag making
– easy book making – with nature materials
– treasure hunt etc.
– making food
– making paper/marbling
– other crafty things out of leafs, eg mobiles, printing
– reading books

I would appreciate any help you would like to give/share with the children, especially music or theatre.”

If you have something you particularly want to share with the kids, or if you are a kid and you would like to say what you would enjoy at the hui. Contact us

Special activities….. so far

Flag making

Each child will receive their own flag to decorate and fly during the event.


There will be a mini workshop held on some basic knot tying and lashing techniques and then equipment for people to make huts (Sheets, pegs, bamboo, recycled bailing twine.).

Block making

Each child will a small set of natural wooden blocks to sand decorate and oil. These will be used as a big set over the Hui and then distributed to take home on closing.

Rock Painting

Children offered choice of a rock to paint in their own style.



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